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The Peaceful Parks Coalition is proud to be a vocal champion of Ontario's environment and protected areas. The PPC's aims are five-fold: The Peaceful Parks Coalition Aims and Objectives:

  • Protect the ecological integrity of Ontario's wild spaces and promote a holistic worldview of wildlife and the natural environment;
  • Advocate that natural resource management be based on ecological principles;
  • Oppose any form of privatization of the Ontario's natural resources and ensure natural resource management remains within the public realm;
  • To foster the recognition that sport hunting and fishing are at best, lawful and permitted activities and not rights, and to oppose any and all sport hunting, especially in protected areas.
  • Ensure the province's parks and conservation reserves retain their biological function by opposing any planned high impact activities.

To achieve these aims, the Peaceful Parks Coalition engages in a variety of initiatives based around the betterment of Ontario's parks and protected areas. These initiatives can broadly be grouped into the following categories:

Action: raising public awareness through non-violent direct action, street theatre, demonstrations, rallies and other creative means of drawing attention to the state of Ontario's protected areas.

Education: including the publication and dissemination of information surrounding issues related to protected and ecologically significant areas in Ontario, with the aim to fostering a public debate as to how Ontario's natural resources are being managed.

Research: including investigations into the quality and quantity of protection afforded to protected areas, policy initiatives affecting parks and conservation areas, as well as science of habitat protection and conservation biology.

PPC History

The Peaceful Parks Coalition was formed in the summer of 1999 in response to a number of problematic environmental initiatives that were being proposed by the provincial government under the leadership of Premier Mike Harris. Principal among these was a flawed land-use planning process that covered almost half of the Province. Second, was an effort to enshrine sport hunting as a "right" under the proposed Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act. Both of these separate but related issues formed part of the government's re-election campaign in 1999. The unresolved and troubling nature of these initiatives continue to act as key points around which the PPC's work revolves.

The PPC was created...

These issues discussed here became the focal point of a workshop held in July 1999 at the University of Toronto. The workshop drew together concerned members of the public, the First Nations and conservation biologists, as well as members from a variety of environmental and animal protection organizations.

In examining Ontario's Living Legacy and the proposed Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act, workshop attendees recognized the need for a common alliance to try and counter the effects of the government's policies and actions. Attendees recognized that within the environmental community there needed to be a stronger voice to provide the type of opposition that was needed. As the symposium drew to a close, attendees agreed to work together for the purpose of creating an alternative voice for parks and protected areas in the Province. Thus the Peaceful Parks Coalition was born...

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