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The non-profit environmental organization Canopy www.canopyplanet.org based in Vancouver works to improve the environmental performance of paper and wood companies. They have released a database rating paper products from North American paper producers. While Canopy promotes FSC certified (Forest
Stewardship Council) paper as being ecologically produced, FSC standards remain highly controversial especially in Ontario where FSC certified logging operations include massive clearcuts and differ little from government harvesting guidelines.

FSC standards have been rigorously promoted in the marketplace to keep up with consumer demand for 'forest friendly' paper and wood products. However the race to fill the consumer demand does not necessarily translate into true ecological forestry practices.

The most important criteria in which to rate paper products are whether they are ancient forest friendly. Based on this criteria, and according to the database produced by Canopy, most paper products fail to meet this standard and remain hazardous to ancient forest preservation.

However the message is getting out.

The best option for protecting the world's last remaining ancient forests, including Ontario's boreal forest, is by choosing 100% post consumer paper.

For Cascades, a Canadian recycled fine paper manufacturer, the development of sustainable products for publishing is an on-going success. Since 2006, sales of Rolland Enviro100 Book, a 100% post-consumer book paper, have increased an average of 90% every year. Cascades produces 23 papers that received the highest available rating including toilet paper that is now available at Costco.

Visit the database at: http://canopyplanet.org/EPD/index.php

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