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Heritage hunting and fishing act

The Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act was passed in June 2002. It enshrines sport hunting and fishing as a "right" giving sport hunters and anglers an elite and privileged position among all other outdoor users. Perhaps, even more significantly, the Act will offload increased wildlife management responsibility from the private sector to the sport hunting and fishing industry through the Fish and Wildlife Commission. This could result in a private organization - The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters - being placed in charge of a large component of wilderness management in the Province. This means wildlife management by hunters for hunters!! This spells disaster for Ontario's wildlife. Far from being the "conservationists" that sport hunters and anglers claim to be, their relentless lobbying to promote and expand sport hunting and angling opportunities has resulted in major alterations to our natural ecosystems. For example, the very common practice hunting and fishing clubs have of stocking rivers, lakes and streams with fish species not indigenous to those waters, such as Salmon, continues to have a deleterious effect on natural fish stocks. Fish stocking programs, known as "Put and Take" reduce our rivers and lakes into "holding tanks" for sport fishermen and is a clear indication the industry is unsustainable. In addition, sports hunting and fishing groups aggressively lobby the forest industry and government to keep logging roads open so its members can gain easy access to remote areas and lakes. These practices need no encouragement. The sport hunting and fishing industry already enjoys a great deal of support -including financial support - from the Tory government. Indeed the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters has done an excellent job of funneling monies away from general wildlife preservation and research projects and into hunting and angling promotional programs. For example, Ontario's budget for endangered species is now at 2.4 million dollars. The budget to promote hunting and angling opportunities is 70 million dollars. This Act will also promote youth opportunities for hunting and angling. In reality this will encourage youth to carry guns, shoot and kill wildlife for sport - for fun. In anticipation of the Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act, the Tory government lowered the hunting age to 12 years thus promoting the use of weapons by minors. What kind of message does this send to our youth when they are taught to believe that killing is a right? Recreational hunting and fishing no longer reflect the values of a contemporary society - not even in the north where only 17% of the population continues to hunt, according to a poll released in 2002 by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. They are now sport activities, like canoeing and merit no more legislative protection as a "right" than canoeing does.

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There is absolutely no reason why hunters and anglers should have a direct hotline to the Minister's Office. Therefore, we are encouraging members of the public to contact the commissioners directly and voice their views on how best to promote wildlife viewing and appreciation. Their contact information and brief biographies are as follows:

Minister's Office
Ginette Albert: 416.314.2212 cell 647.227.5747


Vaughn Collins, Chair 705.329.0868 Orillia, Ontario

  • Volunteer member of the Hunting Heritage/Hunting Futures initiative
  • Experience on provincial, national and international committees
  • Lifelong interest in outdoor activities, particularly hunting, fishing, camping and wildlife photography

Joyce Dillon, Chapleau, Ontario

  • Avid outdoor person
  • Served on a variety of committees and boards

James Etherington 905.827.9321 Oakville, Ontario
· Member of Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters board of directors
· Ducks Unlimited, Chair, Oakville chapter
· Charter member Halton/Peel Woodlands and Wildlife Stewardship
· Founding member, Halton Hunters Association

Robert Fisher 613.969.1162 Belleville, Ontario

  • Board member, Allocations Committee member, United Way of Quinte
  • Chair, Food for Learning Committee, Education/Community Partnerships
  • Educational coordinator, Ontario Plowing Match
  • Active in outdoor recreation including fishing and hunting

Gerry Lee 613.224.8111 Nepean, Ontario

  • Former Chief, Habitat Conservation, Canadian Wildlife Service
  • Former Head, New Park Planning, National Parks Service
  • Former Chair, Hunting Heritage/Hunting Futures working group
  • Facilitator, Madawaska Highlands Public Advisory Committee (3 years)
  • Outdoor interests include hunting, fishing, trapping, canoeing,
    invasive species management

Stanley Leschuk 807.222.2195 Ear Falls, Ontario

  • Former Reeve, Councillor for Township of Ear Falls
  • Former member, Kenora/Rainy River Development Council
  • Chair, Northwestern Ontario Indian Fishing Agreement Proposals
  • President, Kenora District Municipal Association
  • President of Ear Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • Advisory role for variety of government initiatives including Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Signature Site committee, Lac Seul Advisory Committee, Local Citizens for Whiskey Jack Forest
  • Outdoor interests include fishing and hunting

Angelo Lombardo 705.745.5626 Peterborough, Ontario

  • Member of Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters; Chair, OFAH
    Peterborough Conservation Dinner Committee (1993-94)
  • Past president and current member of Peterborough Fish and Game
  • Member of Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association
  • Outdoor interests include fishing, hunting and target shooting

Eleanor Mitchell, Field, Ontario

  • Owner/operator of Island Lake Camp offering semi-remote fishing and hunting
  • Member, Ontario Moose, Bear Allocation Advisory Committee since
  • Member, Sturgeon River, Lake Nipissing, French River Watershed
    Management and Advisory Board (1988-92)
  • Member, Marten River Association of Tourist Camp Operators
  • Member, NOTO
  • Outdoor interests include conservation, fish and wildlife, outdoor
    and environmental appreciation

Conrad Morin 705.362.8569 Hearst, Ontario

  • Founding member, past President, and past Director of Ontario Fur Managers Federation
  • Past President, and current Director Hearst-Mattice-Val Cote and Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Tembec Regional Advisory Committee Northeast
  • President, Hearst Trappers Council
  • Past Vice-President and Director of the Boreal Foundation-College Boreal, Sudbury
  • Outdoor interests include fishing and hunting

George Purvis 705.329.0868 Gore Bay, Ontario

  • Member, Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board (1997-2003)
  • Member, Ontario Fisheries Advisory Council (1988-91)
  • President, Algoma-Manitoulin Fisheries Association (1975-2004)
  • President, Ontario Council of Commercial Fisheries (1980-81) and current member of Board of Directors
  • Former Chair and Trustee of Manitoulin Board of Education
  • Councillor, Town of Gore Bay (1982-87)
  • Outdoor interests include hunting fishing, bird watching

Duncan Sinclair, MD 519.773.9762 Aylmer, Ontario

  • Former member of Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board (1996-99)
  • Past President, Past Chair and current Board Member of Ducks Unlimited
  • Director of Conservation, Education Bahamas (1988 to present)
  • Director of Wetlands Bahamas
  • Chair, Technical Advisory Group, MNR
  • Citizen of the Year, Aylmer (1979,) Queen's Jubilee Medal (2003,) Ontario Volunteer Medal (2000)
  • Outdoor interests include fishing, camping, tripping


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