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'Double-crested Cormorants and White-tailed Deer - Groups Ask for Independent Environmental Assessments (Winter 2010) In November 2009, Ontario Parks decided to proceed with two controversial proposals to extend the killing of Double-crested Cormorants and White-tailed Deer at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, near Belleville Ontario, with no public over-sight for ten years until 2019.

Peaceful Parks and several other individuals and organizations have moved forward with a Part II Order submission, asking the Minister of the Environment to order Independent Environmental Assessments (EA) for both proposals.

Toronto’s Magnificent Water Birds. The City of Toronto is home to one of the largest populations of water birds on the Great Lakes, reminding us all that Toronto is a port city. But sadly, not all water birds are welcomed here. For over two decades, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has been destroying tens of thousands of Ring-billed Gull and Canada Geese eggs across the city’s waterfront. The City is now applying harassment techniques to control the expansion of the Double-crested Cormorant colony at Tommy Thompson Park.

Ontario Government Develops “Nuisance” Wildlife Strategy. Even though eco-tourism is the fastest growing outdoor activity in Ontario, the McGuinty government states the general public is becoming increasingly intolerant of growing wildlife populations, and is promoting lethal controls on wildlife deemed to be “nuisance” either through direct extermination programs or increased hunting opportunities.

Ecosystem Management vs Wildlife Management. Natural resource management in Ontario focuses on resource extraction, and ignores the effects on wildlife. To cite only one example, management plans do not provide large corridors of protected land for large roaming animals, thereby endangering their survival.

Request for a full environmental assessment of the deer management program in Ontario. We are requesting that the entire deer management program of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) be reviewed by a full environmental assessment as outlined in the Environmental Assessment Act.

Wild Turkey Stocking Program (press release). The Peaceful Parks Coalition has asked for a Full Environmental Assessment of the Ontario government's program to introduce wild turkeys well outside of their historical range. Wild turkeys are a prized game bird for sport hunters. Request for Environmental Assessment.


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