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2004 Press Releases (pdf format):

Toronto, December 7, 2004: This month, Dalton McGuinty will announce whether he will continue shooting cormorants at Presqu’ile. In anticipation that McGunity will give Ontario Parks the green light to continue with the program, we want to be prepared.We need people at Presqui’le watching over the birds for a period of six weeks – April 30 through to June 15.

Toronto, November 25, 2004: Ontario Parks claims there are too many cormorants, and they are displacing other birds. But data released by Ontario Parks last month shows that both black-crowned night herons and great blue herons experienced high rates of nest failure after park officials began shooting double-crested cormorants.

Toronto, October 14, 2004: Ontario's deer population is managed as a harvestable natural resource, very much in the same way that livestock or valuable crops are managed in the farming community. But deer are more than harvestable surpluses, they are wild, and it is high time that this program be reviewed under the Environmental Assessment Act.

Toronto, September 28 2004: No sooner did Dalton McGuinty make the announcement that he intended to review the 50 year old Provincial Parks Act, that public meetings were announced. Many people are unaware that an opportunity exists to demand strong protection for the province's protected areas.

Toronto, August 24, 2004: "The crown dropped the charges, but it's clear Dalton McGuinty wants to silence his critics, even if it means arresting peaceful protesters on trumped up charges," says AnnaMaria Valastro of the Peaceful Parks Coalition. "There is absolutely no justification for slaughtering thousands of double-crested cormorants at Presqu'ile or anywhere else. They're doing it to pacify an aggressive sport fishing lobby that harbours an irrational hatred of cormorants because the birds eat fish."

Quebec City, August 16, 2004: The Peaceful Parks Coalition (PPC) will be presenting at a scientific conference on double-crested cormorants being held today at Laval University in Quebec City. AnnaMaria Valastro, Co-Director of the PPC, will show that science does not support the mass killing of double-crested cormorants.

Toronto, August 11, 2004: Ontario Minister of Natural Resources, David Ramsay came out shooting in all directions this week when he announced extended sport hunting seasons for bear, deer, and wild turkey. All three animals are considered "nuisance" animals by both farmers and sport hunters.

Toronto, July 29, 2004: While in opposition, Dalton McGuinty supported a Fish and Wildlife Heritage Commission with broad representation including First Nations and scientists. Instead we got a commission of anglers and hunters.

Toronto, June 25, 2004: Minister of Natural Resources, David Ramsay has removed all restrictions on killing deer by farmers in Ontario. Gone are requirements by farmers to take preventative measures to avoid crop damage by deer. In southern Ontario, where very little public land remains, this policy means a free-for-all killing spree of deer.

Toronto, June 17, 2004: Ontario Parks surpassed their quota of 6000 dead Double-crested Cormorants last week at Presqu’ile Provincial Park near Trenton, Ontario. The final tally of dead birds is 6030. But even before the birds could be laid to rest, the Liberal government hosted a meeting last Friday, June 11 with the New York State Fish and Wildlife Service to explore the possibility of killing cormorants on islands near Kingston, Ontario.

Toronto June 2, 2004: On Monday May 31, Ontario Parks shot and killed 1393 nesting double-crested cormorants at Presqu'ile Provincial Park, near Trenton Ontario. On Tuesday May 25, they shot and killed 1098, and on Wednesday May 26, 439 were killed - for a grand total of 4592 in just eleven days of shooting. It is fully anticipated Ontario Parks will reach their goal of 6000 dead birds this week.

Brighton May 26, 2004: Biggest One day Slaughter in Ontario's History - Final Tally 1083. The first day after the Victoria Day weekend government hired gunmen shot and killed more than 1,000 nesting double crested cormorants. "It is the height of nesting season and being dedicated to their nests makes them helpless sitting targets," says Anna Maria Valastro of the Peaceful Parks Coalition.

Brighton May 25, 2004: The protesters were simply handing out flyers outside the park boundary, when park warden Rob Raposo called the Ontario Provincial Police. "It was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen," said one protester

Toronto May 22, 2004: This long weekend, The Peaceful Parks Coalition will be encouraging visitors not to return to Presqu'ile Provincial Park until the Liberal government recognizes the park as an ecological jewel and manages it accordingly.

Toronto May 21, 2004: The reason for shooting thousands of cormorants, according to the Liberal government, is to make room for other waterbirds also nesting on High Bluff Island, but the disruption being created from shooting hundreds of birds everyday is causing the birds they are trying to protect to abandon their nests.

Belleville May 11, 2004: The Ministry shot and killed 320 birds on the first day - Thursday May 6, 150 birds on the second day - Friday May 7, and 50 birds on Saturday May 8. The Ministry is also using low velocity lead bullets. They intend to shoot 6000 birds, and leave them to decompose on the island. So bird shit is more toxic than lead shot? Spin us another one MNR!

Toronto May 6, 2004: Dalton McGuinty's death squad will begin shooting 6000 double-crested cormorants at High Bluff Island at Presqu'ile Provincial Park starting today.

Toronto April 27, 2004: New York state turns their guns on Ontario's double-crested cormorants—Rather than admit that cormorants cannot be blamed for the decline in the sport fishery, New York State wildlife officials now believe cormorant control hasn't gone far enough.

Toronto April 13, 2004: The McGuinty government has issued multiple deer hunts in Wildlife Management Units across southern Ontario, and new deer hunts in northern Ontario. In addition, McGuinty is giving government wildlife managers the authority to issue several deer "seals" to a hunter at their discretion. They are also poised to expand the killing of deer by farmers who experience crop damage caused by deer.

Toronto, April 6, 2004: The Peaceful Parks Coalition has hired a small plane to fly over Queen's Park with a message for Dalton McGuinty: Save The Double-crested Cormorants, Date: Thursday April 8 Time: 12pm - 1pm, Protest at College and University intersection between 12pm - 1pm

Toronto, March 31, 2004: Never before has an Ontario government proposed a massive slaughter of a wild species, yet the McGuinty government is set to authorize the shooting of thousands of tree nesting Double-crested Cormorants at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. What birds they don't shoot, they will "oil" ground nests to prevent eggs from hatching. In addition, they are "oiling" thousands of cormorant nests on Lake Huron.

Toronto, March 5, 2004: Thousands of Birds To Be Shot at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. This week and with much fanfare, the Ontario Minister of Natural Resources, David Ramsay proudly announced his decision to permanently protect the wolves of Algonquin Park, stating predator species play a key role in the balance of nature. But also this week, Ramsay quietly approved the shooting of thousands of Double-crested Cormorants, an impressive and skillful avian predator of the Great Lakes aquatic system. Send a letter to the Minister (Link to Automated Cormorant Letter)

Toronto, Feb 4, 2004: Inverhuron Provincial Park is a tiny park of only 289 hectares. Located on the shores of Lake Huron, and next to the Bruce Nuclear Power Station, the McGuinty government has approved a development plan that will include a drive-through recreational vehicle campground, parking lots, roads, pumping stations, sewage systems, and will encourage further development just outside the park limits.


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