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2005 Press Releases (pdf format):

Circa 17,000 Hunting Violations In Ontario
Monday November 7, 2005: Today is the opening day for the gun deer hunting season in many areas in Ontario. According to a report written on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, 10% of hunters do not comply with hunting regulations. Almost 170,000 people buy deer hunting licences in Ontario every year, and if 10% of them violate the regulations in some way, that means circa 17,000 hunters do something that is not legal.

Ecological Integrity Meaningless in New Ontario Provincial Parks Act.
Toronto, October 27, 2005: Dalton McGuinty’s new Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act states up front that the “maintenance of ecological integrity shall be the first priority” to govern the planning and management of Ontario’s protected areas.

Slow Roasted Double-crested Cormorant Served at the 6th Annual Dalton McGuinty Golf and BBQ Tour.
July 26, 2005, Rockland, Ontario: Today at the Outaouais Golf Club in Rockland, golfers who paid $500 for the opportunity to lunch and teeoff with Dalton McGuinty. They will be greeted by some of the finest chefs enacting a BBQ of double-crested cormorant. Double-crested cormorants are fish-eating, native migratory birds that nest in Ontario and winter in the southern United States.

Minister Ends Controversial Cormorant Cull at Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
June 6, 2005:  Activists from a coalition of animal protection organizations are celebrating after the Minister of Natural Resources announced an end to the controversial killing of cormorants on High Bluff Island at Presqu'ile Provincial Park.  The coalition thanks the Minister for ending the cull so that the young cormorant chicks would not be abandoned when the adult birds were shot.

Fight to save the cormorants at Presqu'ile Provincial Park heats up.
May 29, 2005:  Animal activists present to monitor the cormorant colony at Presqu'ile Provincial Park are accusing the Ministry of Natural Resources gunmen of killing adult cormorants even though parent birds have been observed feeding their young.

Protesters Line Up To Save Cormorants Thousands To Be Killed At Presqu'ile
Toronto, May 5, 2005: Dalton McGuinty has slammed the door on any further discussions on the slaughter of thousands of double-crested cormorants at Presqu'ile Provincial Park near Trenton, Ontario by ordering the shooting of nesting cormorants for this year and next year. And protesters are lining up to be there to witness the killing.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation: Deer Hunting Causes Car Collisions
April 25, 2005, Toronto: An Ontario Ministry of Transportation report released last year cites deer hunting as a major cause of car collisions in Ontario. The report states that "in Ontario, higher numbers of animal-vehicle collisions were found to occur in October-December. This could be attributed to fall hunting seasons (Sept.20-Dec15), where people chase and force animals into rights of way. When animals are being shot at, they run and may venture onto highways."

Cormorant Massacre Continues
Toronto, April 11, 2005: Sources close to Ontario Parks say the McGuinty government is quietly making preparations to kill thousands of nesting double-crested cormorants at Presqu’ile Provincial Park on Lake Ontario for the next three years.

Niagara Falls Ontario, March 29, 2005: Science only has value if it is free of political bias. This is the message the Peaceful Parks Coalition will be delivering to the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission today. The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission has taken the political position that double-crested cormorants are depleting fish stocks even though government biologists know that colonial waterbirds cannot deplete native fish stocks.

Postman Rings Twice For Double-crested Cormorants
Toronto, March 23, 2005: The Peaceful Parks Coalition sent Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and his partner in crime, The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, a new commemorative stamp being issued today by Canada Post celebrating the double-crested cormorant. The cormorant is featured on the postage stamp to the United States, and is part of a commemorative series celebrating native birds and the work of wildlife artist John James Audubon.

Gag Order Chokes Ministry Staff on Double-crested Cormorant Issue
Toronto, February 15, 2005: The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has issued a "gag" order prohibiting staff to discuss the issue of double-crested cormorant management, specifically with members of the Peaceful Parks Coalition. The "gag" order was issued after the Peaceful Parks released back to back documents that contradicted the Ministry's "spin" on the issue.

McGuinty To Eradicate Cormorants From Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Ontario
Toronto, February 1, 2005: A report written for Minister of Natural Resources David Ramsay is recommending a total eradication of nesting double-crested cormorants from Presqu'ile Provincial Park near Belleville, Ontario. Double-crested cormorants are a native North American migratory bird.

Dalton McGuinty To Kill Double-crested Cormorants Across Ontario Toronto, January 20, 2005: While Dalton McGunity insists he has no plans to eradicate the migratory bird, double-crested cormorants from Ontario, his government is currently planning to kill cormorants across Ontario, area by area and in collaboration with the United States.


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