Ontario’s Cruel Spring Bear Hunt

Ontario Liberal govt. Approves Deer Culls at Rondeau and Pinery Provincial Parks

City of London Destroys Another Natural Area: Protecting Singing Frog Creek

Algonquin Park Cottage Leases - Update

18.000 Mourning Doves Killed

Nuisance Wildlife Campaign

'Nuisance Wildlife' - A Photographic Exhibit

PPC t-shirt in support of ‘nuisance’ wildlife everywhere

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2007 Press Releases (pdf format):

Parks Canada Betrays Public Trust
Toronto, September 25, 2007: Dear Member of the Press, Please find attached two sets of documents released through the freedom of information act regarding the management of double-crested cormorants at Point Pelee National Park and across Ontario.

Parks Canada Kills Cormorants With Media in Tow
Toronto, September 5, 2007: Parks Canada has just announced their intention to kill double-crested cormorants at Middle Island, Point Pelee NationalPark. Middle Island is part of a cluster of Islands known as the Lake Erie Archipelago Islands, and shared by Ontario and Ohio. Parks Canada is hosting a media tour of Middle Island today to garner public and media support for the mass killing of cormorants. The press will be shown dead trees, and told cormorants are damaging 'habitat', and "something must be done".

60 Witnesses Needed to Prosecute Environmental Activist
Toronto March 21, 2007: Senior staff from the highest echelons of the Ministry of Natural Resources were set to testify against environmental activist, AnnaMaria Valastro of the Peaceful Parks Coalition when the crown withdrew the charges of criminal harassment, harassment and mischief on March 5, 2007.


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